HEL Performance are very proud of the fact that all of our brake line components are made in Britain, including all of our stainless steel braided brake hose and all of our stainless steel brake line fittings. Indeed we are the only company in the UK to manufacture all of our mainline fittings in-house on our own Star Micronics CNC Machines. Whilst others may prefer to buy their fittings and hose from a third party and simply assemble and brand in house, HEL Performance have always striven towards self-sufficiency, guaranteeing supply times, quality and overall finish to our parts. The image opposite shows one of our stainless steel banjos machined and rumbled in-house.


The investment, as you can imagine is huge, but the return is even greater – Knowing that we have full control over the design, manufacture, finish and quality of our mainline products allows us to be rightly proud of the products we supply, and that the brake lines are all designed, manufactured and assembled in Britain. Even the raw stainless steel bar that is used, supplied by Righton in the South West, is sourced within the EU to give us maximum quality assurance and traceability on our product line.


We are the only company in the UK that you can visit and see your brake line being made whilst seeing all our stainless steel banjo fittings, stainless steel banjo bolts and stainless steel ferrules used in the kit being manufactured on our own machinery on site.


HEL Performance exclusively use Star Micronics CNC machinery which is at the cutting edge of sliding head cnc technology. Star Micronics are dedicated to supplying quality sliding head lathes. With a state of the art technology centre in Derbyshire and a team of the best sliding head turning applications engineers in the UK, their machines offer us accuracy, repeatability, reliability and lower cycle times on turned parts. The back up, support and service offered by Star Micronics has been of paramount importance to the set up and continued evolution of the HEL Performance machine shop.


We also care about the environment and have made huge investments in facilities to spin all swarf to remove most of the cutting oil used in the machining process. This means that the cutting oil we use can be reused many times lowering the effect on the environment. This spinning process produces ‘dry’ swarf which is then made into new stainless steel bar further reducing our carbon footprint and meaning waste is minimised throughout the process. It’s another way in which HEL Performance continue to develop whilst minimising our impact on the environment.